Merry Christmas To Everybody!

Merry Christmas to everybody!

All of us who are enjoying the comfort of our warm homes - let us not forget our brothers and sisters. To many, they are invisible in those small dark streets. Even when we see them in the street, we pass right by as if they do not exist. If we took a careful look of their teary eyes, we would heart the same scream we hear within ourselves when we are alone and abandoned. Let us reach out to them, because they are our angels who encourage us to perform good deeds.

By Walter William Safar
In the shadow of a murky building, in a street with an ugly appearance
and an unpleasant smell, without sun and without human warmth
for most of the day, a boy and a dog tend after their only
legal craft assigned to them by the world: survival.
The boy and the dog are not just one body and one soul,
but they are also, as the world believes, one voice.
This voice, which seems to be heard only on Christmas Eve,
comes from a shrill ghost which lies restless in its grave;
in that sad street, which never housed a single butterfly
in its whole existence, there was some kind of greedy
spider, that spun its web to prey on careless people.
Yet, the boy and the dog await each new day with humble
and reverent obedience, and they sell paper: regular, fine
concept, white, whitish-brown, golden-blue; stamps,
sprinkling sand, nails, pencils, red and green ribbons
for gift wrapping; old notebooks, calendars,
diaries. To cut a long story short, the boy and his dog
trade in good old values. They are invisible to the courts,
because, after all, who cares for the poor, as the wise would say.
This morning, however, the boy and his dog were not in their
usual place, the golden sundust floated on the soft, sweet back
of the wind, as if looking for the stationer boy and his dog.
And the boy was lamenting the death of his old dog, in the shadow,
as usual, far away from the eyes of the world, and these salty, silent
tears were looking for at least one short gaze of the world,
but the cold world considers the boy to be just a regular, modest,
humble, honorable, and thus invisible stationer.
He kneels next to his only friend, and with a broken voice
he bids him farewell for one last time:
"Good night, my only friend! Good night, my little
stationer! Sweet and blissful dreams! "
And so the stationer boy was once again left alone in that sad street.

Dear people,
During these sacred holidays, when we are celebrating the birth of the Son of God, people become closer to each other, as if mankind is wrapped in some invisible miracle . If that magic thread of compassion and love linked us every day of the year, there would be less hunger and wars around the world. Perchance it is wealth and power that blinds so many people, but eventually everyone, even those who are blinded by wealth and power, no later than on their deathbed, feels that the greatest wealth is hidden inside the human hearts. Those who lost their loved ones, and those whom loneliness threw into the dark wild river of depression, and those dreamers who eternally wander the road of dreams in search of a better world, those who become better humans by way of faith, those who are thrown into the jaws of despair by poverty, and those whom bad fate brought to the bridge to throw their lives into the dark wild river, and those who are luckless in love, and those from whom death took away love, and those who lost love in a feverish race after money and power, and those visionaries whom justice incites into an eternal fight for the good, and those who are eternally young at soul, and all those poor and wealthy people who yearn for love like a desert flower yearns for a drop of rain, in a moment of weakness looking up high in the hope that they might hear the angel's voice.

The Lord created man and nature from the same spirit. When nature suffers, so does man, because there is no life without nature. Life is wisely and brotherly teaching us that no amount of money can buy love. Yes, life is also mercifully teaching us that loving oneself isn't true love, because life is giving, not taking. When you feel someone else's Tear on a Christmas tree as if it was your own, then you have passed the test of humanity. By helping those in need we help ourselves, we become better human beings. Doing good is a wonderful feeling for the soul. The creator gave us the gift of emotion. The soul is a sacred sanctuary to human emotions. Love is one of the most noble human emotions. When we reach out to those in need, we don't just pick them up, we also pick ourselves up. In the end, every human being is in need of something. Each and every one of us, poor or wealthy, healthy or ill, is yearning for compassion and love. No one is immune to suffering. Yes, all we need is the strength to look into the eyes of suffering, because being insensitive to the suffering of others is to be unworthy of one's own suffering.
Dear people, may love accompany each and every moment of your lives. I wish you a merry Christmas.

by Walter W. Safar

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You wrote about the ''angels who encourage us to perform good deeds.''This is essential, my brother. You also wrote ''but the cold world considers the boy to be just a regular, modest, humble, honorable, and thus invisible stationer.'' ''Yes, we are on earth for now, but our earthly lives are nothing but a vapor'' (James 4: 14) . ''But eternity, now that is a long time, and that is where a Christian’s focus should really be'' (1 Peter 5: 10) .Happy New Year!
you write: “being insensitive to the suffering of others is to be unworthy of one's own suffering.” I don’t follow this; what does it mean to you? ? // the poem goes to MyPoemList. Bri :) Happy New Year.
BUT i do like your poem of boy and dog, AND i do salute your holiday greeting and 'suggestion' that people would make the world a nicer place if they had more compassion for others. // The soul is a sacred sanctuary: nice alliterations! // “loving oneself isn't true love” I say ‘Why not? ’// [to be continued]
// and i do NOT believe THIS is a universal truth: everyone, ……, no later than on their deathbed, feels that the greatest wealth is hidden inside the human hearts.....i say: “humbug”. ok, for some it may be true, but, again, it is a poor substitute for lifelong caring for each other. // i don't believe (any more, since my youth) in God, Jesus, prayer or angels.// [to be continued]
Tom, Billsborough, in his comment, forgot the Amen! // 4th line heart/hear // favorite lines: the golden sundust floated on the soft, sweet back...of the wind, as if looking for the stationer boy and his dog. // i do not 'celebrate' x-mas, 'religious-ly' or 'commercial-ly', BUT i do treat people equally year around. to do otherwise would only serve to show how hollow 'religion' is to some! [to be continued]
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