Beautiful, like violent justice being passed out from above us.
this is the world as viewed from my eyes
Damage is a threat, but violence is your best bet
All i see is lies, sex, and war
SO GIMMIE MORE MORE MORE! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Self hatred is my basic motivation for wasting time
wasting my life, eradicating my very mind

Im not ashamed, to say that im enslaved
Addiction is my mainstay,
Reality is straaaaaaaange

by David Sabo

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You wrote about the ''angels who encourage us to perform good deeds.''This is essential, my brother. You also wrote ''but the cold world considers the boy to be just a regular, modest, humble, honorable, and thus invisible stationer.'' ''Yes, we are on earth for now, but our earthly lives are nothing but a vapor'' (James 4: 14) . ''But eternity, now that is a long time, and that is where a Christian’s focus should really be'' (1 Peter 5: 10) .Happy New Year!
you write: “being insensitive to the suffering of others is to be unworthy of one's own suffering.” I don’t follow this; what does it mean to you? ? // the poem goes to MyPoemList. Bri :) Happy New Year.
BUT i do like your poem of boy and dog, AND i do salute your holiday greeting and 'suggestion' that people would make the world a nicer place if they had more compassion for others. // The soul is a sacred sanctuary: nice alliterations! // “loving oneself isn't true love” I say ‘Why not? ’// [to be continued]
// and i do NOT believe THIS is a universal truth: everyone, ……, no later than on their deathbed, feels that the greatest wealth is hidden inside the human hearts.....i say: “humbug”. ok, for some it may be true, but, again, it is a poor substitute for lifelong caring for each other. // i don't believe (any more, since my youth) in God, Jesus, prayer or angels.// [to be continued]
Tom, Billsborough, in his comment, forgot the Amen! // 4th line heart/hear // favorite lines: the golden sundust floated on the soft, sweet back...of the wind, as if looking for the stationer boy and his dog. // i do not 'celebrate' x-mas, 'religious-ly' or 'commercial-ly', BUT i do treat people equally year around. to do otherwise would only serve to show how hollow 'religion' is to some! [to be continued]
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