BT (October 7, in the past / Memphis, Tennessee)

'Merry' Magdalene

Dedicated To Lady Maryann Astor-Rois

My conscious moments become envious
While ensuing thoughts of you dominate
I forget to breathe thinking of you
Yet you keep me so alive
Though I've only seen you from afar
You are nearer to me than my palpitating beats
Fresh, and vibrate I've become
As I gaze at the picture of your full lips
My cravings nolonger haunt me
You've now become my sustenance
Secrets of you I want to reveal
So that all may benefit from your existence
However, I shall covet you as you desire
You are my Merry Magdalene
May I wash your feet

Copyrighted © 14 July 2006

by Billy Thompson

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