Broken Down

Through broken dreams, we see this world. Through hopes forever damned we pray for release. Death isn't a fear. Its hope. Freedom. Peace. From our hollowed lifes of sorrow.

by Jesse Milligan

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It's a very uplifting poem. Especially two lines in the end) Maybe it was so, and somebody had created this world and left, being sure that the world will cope with everything itself.
Great poem, infinite depths that you've covered quite well in it's lines. Very thought-provoking and intense, we rarely think about the difficulties of God's creations, He must be constantly on the move, watching and keeping everything on track. Love how you expressed it so simply with great detail. Wonderfully inspiring poem, Daniel. Thank you very much for sharing. RoseAnn
Hey, Daniel! One of the things that comes to mind on reading this is the difference between deism and theism. Something comforting to me is Jesus saying something like, my Father has been at work to this very day and so do I. -Glen
A very deep and fascinating plunge into the mysteries of creation, going even further than creation itself in an evolutionary opening that is not closed yet. That may still happen..... Great poets have great thoughts far beyond the ordinary. t's also called creativity.