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I tried multiple times to find a way.
But you wouldn’t have it like that,
You’re gone, you’ve moved on.
I can’t live with this feeling another day.

I told you I still loved you.
More the fool I for that.
I wondered why I said it,
Even though every single word was true.

But I realized that I just had to admit,
Those words, and I was done too.
Once I had spewed them out,
I let go, I repent.

I fretted and fussed about it for all of three months,
I cried, I slept, I wanted to end it,
Repeat steps one through three,
And you’ve got a story that’s never done.

But now we’re past that, we’ve progressed.
I say yes, you say no, I say hello, you say good bye.
I try to take it back to how it once was,
Before this shit became a mess.

What went wrong, what went down?
What happened to how we were,
How we loved, and then,
Made our backs turn ‘round?

But no worries, I’m good,
I’m over it now, and my questions are gone.
I’ve gotten past what was holding me back.
No more what if’s, could have been, or what should.

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