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Message For The 'World'
BY (April 27,1993 / NYC)

Message For The 'World'

One sunset in the sky
Two people by the shore
Three ocean tides came by,
Four prints gone from the sand floor.

Five minutes lest to spare
Six senconds left to breathe for
Seven day 'til the 'World' disappears
what could I want anymore.

Eight ways to show someone love
Nine ways to show someone compassion
Ten things the world taught me,
but never showed me action.

Hundreads of stars in the sky
Thousands of tears shed tonight
Millions of dreams left to reach,
but need the 'World's' might.

If we truely believe and work hard,
we will make it all come true.
'cause no one can tear us apart
not me, and not even you.

So let the countdown begin
but lets count up instead.
Count all the goods and positives
and make them all pass hundreds.

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Comments (2)

Absolutely marvelous poem. Thank you.
Breathless. That was well expressed. I look forward to reading more :)