When you get captivated
totally encapsulated
undeniably inebriated

Give in, be fond
drop into the pond
She could be charmed
When she is swarmed

Your bond pre-warmed

Because sincerity can give prosperity
And if the enthrallment not returned
She is not the one to be yearned

by Jole Hans

Comments (5)

Lamont: As still another 'old Grandma Grammarian' 'fraid I must agree with J Carter about 'lay' in line five: lay is to place in position; lie means to recline. Even poetic license will not admit otherwise. Cute thoughts, good write. Adeline
Oh yes, LP, and as you probably know already, I hate the title.
JC, you know I can't shake my man crush (that extends to the great beyond) with Merrill. I would say my very loose iambics don't make the poems 'florid' - its my word choices. But again, its just the way I think and see the world. To quote William Logan, who I know you adore - 'If you don't look just wrong to your contemporaries, you won't look just write to history. Thanks on word 'lie'.
Monty, not bad, less florid than what results from your usual addiction to iambic meter. I always sympathize with your desire to make your poems musical, but I also feel you too often sacrifice fellow feeling, sense—too bold to balance— and gracefulness—the comfort zone of life, Places they used to feel good in, or drew inspiration- at the altar of musical heightening. Grandma Grammarian, that ole bitch of an unpoetic soul, sez LIE down... in line 5.