Message Of Peace

Sa, La, Ma
From the Arabic root
Comes the word Islam
And come three words from this root
Istislam, Salamah and Salaam
Submission is Istislam
Purity is Salamah
And peace is Salaam
A person submitting in purity
To the will of Almighty
Shall, in this life attain peace
And hereafter grace
A person greets another
With ‘Salaam'-peace
He prays for peace
He fasts for peace
And gives in charity
To gain ultimate peace
He begins a conversation with salaam
And ends his prayers with salaam
A word from the Lord, most Merciful
Above a crescent moon with a faint smile
Unfurling the New Year
Bringing massage of peace and peace only
And how can I forget my dear
That peace and you are brethren
And come once a year
Bringing forth a celebrating green
Of hope, love and peace
Commemorating the sacrifice
Of the Prince of Martyrs
In the festivities of Muharram my dear


Comments (4)

Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) said if a man (not necessarily a Muslim) is stranded in Kaaba (The most sacred place for the Muslims) and in order to save his life it has become essential to demolish the walls of Kaaba, demolish the walls of Kaaba but save the man. If any Muslim ever committed anything in contradiction, it's his individual misdeed, Islam never approved it. A heart winning write..............10
thanks for the information....peace should be the motive of every celebration and belief....nice
various pious words of various languages bring peace to the world.........very unique style of writing........a life without peace is like a tree without roots.......peace stabilizes our living skills.........greatly enjoyed it.........thanks
Beautiful poem on peace in connection with Muharram! I never knew that Salaam meant peace! Shanthi... Shalom... all mean the same! If there is peace inside, life is beautiful! Enjoyed this great write, Deepak!