Message To Send

Poem By Yvonne A. Fischer

The beginning is the same as the end.
This is the message to send.
The mind, the soul, the spirit
the same, yet each with their own name.
Seeing what we believe is hard to do
in a society that's turned blue.

First Ego, then Greed
defeats our people
watches them bleed.
It hurts to see
the invisible, the intangible,
the lack of spiritual gain.
There's so little growth,
such rampant maim.

It's time to speak out
when we see things wrong
before the hearts of our people
are totally gone.

Soon, we will be set free
Those of us who live as we believe.
It's never too late
to turn around;
to live by the Golden Rule.
The time is now. Here's how...

Go back then forward.
Release your fears, judgments too.
Understand others, so they might you.
Step aside. Reach inside. Be still.
Love yourself, and others will.

Souls, spirits, bodies, minds
come together as one kind
to rid earth it's evil bind.
Heaven's gates will soon open
for those of us
who live as we believe.
We belong to the Earth
not it to us.
Together we will go through the dust.

Good, bad. Two sides, same face.
With good
You'll find joy, peace and grace.
Let your soul rise.
Look beyond. See Truth.
Release disguise.
Flow. Live with no limits.
Detach. Accept. Be Whole. Transcend.
Reach for your Spirit.
Join our wholly blend.

This is the message to send.
The beginning is the same as the end.

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