EA (26\5\1988 / cairo)

Message To Your Heart.

I tried so hard but i fail,
each time to get through to you.
And i knew you don't read your mail,
so hear those words all for you.
But even that i've done before,
you never heard me or my words.
But still i love you more,
and your ignorance hurts...
I search for your smile,
i look you down the streets.
My life became just a while,
of worrying and heart beats.
I look in all the faces,
those in my dreams or those i see.
And non of them erases,
the pain you caused my heart and me.
All of those tears i cry,
over our love every night.
Sleepless nights i can't defy,
wondering are you allright? ?
Since you refuse to hear me,
may i send a message to your heart.
And may i feel as free,
as i wish before you tare me apart.
I love you and no one else,
and my heart beats for just your love.
My life is sad and i need help,
when it's only you i dream and think of.
You may not believe or say otherwise,
but i don't care i just love you so.
Only you and i surrendered to your eyes,
i promised i won't ever let you go.
Unless you reject every poem,
and every tear and every single love word.
Just when i feel i have no home,
abandoned eternaly if i'm not your girl.
And if you ever loved me one day,
and your heart felt the heart in me.
You'll come back if away,
only your smile shall refive me..

by Eman Awad

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