Messages They Get

Many get theirs delivered,
And perform actions that are quick.
Some quiver in a moaning,
Preferring to weep over it.
And others do neither,
But stubbornly sit...
After reading or listening,
To messages they get.
While awaiting for someone else,
To interpret to make it more legitimate.
Someone selected,
To bestow upon them what they wish.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Without asking how can one ever beg. Been knocked down a couple pegs. Look at the man who still walks with no legs. He no longer sprints, but eh who needs to always be in a hurry any ways. That when most of my mistakes have been made. Some do well under pressure I don't. So I don't desire or ask under legitimate or non legitimate to affect my persona. For I don't have the time to constantly write and as such I don't want people constantly expecting what I can only at certain time deliver.