Messages To A Friend

1. Nothing to hide but lots to say
live the moment & think only of today
think not of past or future pain
you have nothing to lose and lots to gain

2. How I miss you my friend who read me poetry
You are angry, lonely, vulnerable & sultry
You hide, you hurt and drown in your pain
but your cries and shouting are not in vain

3. Your words will stay with me all through the night
They have reached out and held me tight
They help me overcome the pain and the deepening sorrow
They'll make me stronger to face tomorrow
Thank you buddy, with you I share
burdens that at times are too much to bear

4. I talk to myself and listen to my heart
my soul is broken its tearing me apart
I face my demons & shed my tears
they have been buried for too many years
I’m scared & lonely & really afraid
to look back & see the mess I've made
I have no choice but to look ahead & fight
even when I know there's nothing but pain in sight
I have to grab I have to steal
wonderful moments for which I feel
Too much to dream of, too much to ask
some moments of happiness
to help face my task.

5. Why torture yourself? Why torment your soul?
No one is perfect. Who in this world is whole?
Unlike others you are searching & that my friend is your doom
Cause in your search you encounter much conflict, pain & gloom
You carry the burden that should be shared by all
You carry it alone and let it weigh down your soul
Give your soul its wings & let it fly
Don’t chain it down & watch the years go by
Accept a share of happiness, find some inner peace
Let the torment end. Let the pain ease.

by Ghada Shahbender

Comments (2)

Wow Powerful Sincere and Insightful
Very, very touching. The structure is nice...fits the subject area well. Don't be afraid to experiment with free form style, especially when addressing such powerful topics as this one.