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You conquered my heart, Messalina.
I lowered my standards in awe.
For I was mere slave to Athena,
the goddess who makes love like war.

I was in thrall, Messalina.
You were my favourite girl.
Though I was much older and senior,
your flag would fly free unfurled.

I was your fool, Messalina.
I gave you diamonds and jewels.
I loved your pouting demeanour;
if only you'd played by the rules.

I will get over you one day;
and one day will be my last.
And wonder not, of jealous plot,
or why the die was cast.

You were my world, Messalina.
I gave you rubies and pearls.
You thought the grass always greener,
wherever the chips fell when hurled.

You made me whole, Messalina.
You were my beautiful wife.
You made my senses seem keener.
You were the love of my life.

I will get over you one day.
That day may be at the end.
I will get over you one day,
the moment my broken heart mends.

I will get over you one day;
with the help of my excellent niece.
I will get over you one day,
finding true solace and peace.

You were the cream, Messalina.
A princess of fable and tale.
No action of mine could redeem ya,
and I can't forgive your betrayal.

You were my soul, Messalina.
You were my heartbeat and breath.
You were too much of a dreamer,
to think I'd not put you to death.

You were my love, Messalina.
You were my dark sacrifice.
If once I was mean, now I'm meaner;
the blood in my veins is ice.

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Wow. Awesome piece! Now, THIS is love!