Messamieke (Liars)

Nessameiek (liars)
So many lies,
So many different versions,
All orated from the same place,
The one government,
One hand doesn’ t know what the other hands doing,
We have been cheated by the best,
In my view a mans word is the measure of the man himself,
I talk about men,
What men, I do not see any here,
Real men tell the truth,
Have courage,
In these Government officials I do not see these qualities,
There lower than a snake’ s belly,
Their tongues are forked,
We are asked to trust them,
We trust the Government at our own peril,
If they do not achieve their aim,
They put us in their sights— literally,
They sneak in like thieves in the night,
Or like cowards at sun rise, while we sleep,
Men would not do this,
They come with the gun, in one hand,
The bible in the other,
I say one hand does know what the other hand is doing,
I will not follow a belief that fights over god,
That kills our women and children,
Baby’ s skulls are crushed by the blue coats boots,
I speak the truth— I am a warrior,
My religion, my beliefs do not kill baby’ s women and children,
Or the defenseless,
No I am a dreamer and I will keep on dreaming,
My dreams do nobody any harm,
Our land now is but a dream,
Our ways are now of the past,
They can now only be seen in dreams, but we are real,
We slip between two worlds and live our dreams.

(Posted by: cougartracks/My Vision My Dream Osceola Birdman Waters)

by Osceola Waters

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