It is said that beauty is a quality in which things have when they are good as objects of aesthetic contemplation, or as goods in loving production.
Truth is conceived in desirable relation to our intellect in recognition.
Truth is within our realization of intellect itself.
Is truth only recognized when we are to acknowledge it as so?
We may now meet with an understanding of infinite goodness, or the concept of the goodness of an infinite being.
Truth, goodness & beauty are all qualities held in our concept of an infinite being patiently waiting for us to realize God as so.

Angels have long influenced us through the ages, through religious symbolism in painting & poetry.
Our imagination & receptive response to the ideology of Angels has been that of a winged figure attired in dazzling whiteness & having a body just as a human.
Their human resemblance has suggested that Angels, like man (& woman) , are people; being most in essential essence, characterized by their intelligence.
Having wings as to suggest their service as being messengers from God, with crowns of light placed upon their heads. A composing glows in polite compare & a loving to reach out & share.
Their presence & imagery commends upon perceptions empathetically led. Their blessings rush as running water in a narrowing stream, smoothening out stones that were once jagged & prickly.
Beauteous spheres of light please upon a pleasures delight
Loving hues in a maidens blush grows alive & bright
Angels fill in spirits growth, helping to service a strengthening of mind
Just as a satin flowers dance in silver trees knowingly kind.

by Thomas Wayne Foreman

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