Fire Resistant Flowers

Fire resistant flowers, standing defiantly against the flames.
I walk through this cur-sed land, the sky ripped with pain.
Flames so hot they burn bright white,
A cruel snow coated joke,
Inviting you to place your hand down through the white hot smoke.
There is no pain or pleasure, results of a fractured mind
Giggles, laughs and screaming all involuntary actions of the tortured soul inside.

The silver snake shines so bright, inviting in the flies,
Spitting out it's venom to saturate their mind.
Never will they be the same, never will they leave,
A delectably devious multi-forked tongue,
promising heaven but concealing hell.
The silver tongued assassin, this much we know so well,
So many hearts slain and broke, so many dreams that fell.
Unwilling to stop, unwilling to end.
Think about stopping their pain, entertain the notion time and again.
As fleeting as something in the corner of my eye,
Barely registering on the brain

by William Davids

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