Messiah Is Coming Back Again

Messiah is coming back again; please let me repeat the word again,
He came once as The Lamb of God to take away the sin of all men.

I boldly proclaim that He came although it's not politically correct,
For Israel is still waiting for Him to come and deliver God's Elect.

Christ told His Jewish Disciples that He had sheep of another pen,
This was Christ referring to the Believers made up of Gentile men.

To this day the tiny nation Israel remains God's only chosen nation,
But their falling from God's Grace brings to all men God's Salvation.

For He came unto His own but they received Him not as God's Anointed,
However a day to purge the land for David's sake has been appointed.

He was named Jesus, for He came to save His people from their sins,
But being far from God, there were many hearts Jesus could not win.

Many knew Jesus as Immanuel which Scripture says means God with us.
But although He was in their midst many were blind by power and lust.

But like Elijah we're reminded that not all bent their knee to Baal,
And the time is coming when the nation of Israel will again prevail.

For God promised that He wouldn't reject all the people of the land,
Soon they will see the one they pierced and see His side and hands.

On that day they'll be cleansed from all their sin and wickedness,
In a fountain for David's House and all of Jerusalem's inhabitants.

(Copyright © 07/2003)

by Bob Gotti

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