Messing Around

Keep it secret if you want and
Don't tell it to your conscious mind,
But in reality, you know that I know.

I know that you want me to believe,
that you are not who you are, and that is why
I pretend so you achieve the misbelieve.

In reality you feel that I bypass,
That I don't know and maybe only guess,
The truth about your mess.

Go on, keep pretending
that you are not who you are,
so you Might keep aware

As for you are not sure
If I know or not, But I just hope
that you don't get allure…

Believing that you are who you are not,
And lost in your own trap as for I am not
the one who is falling in …

Because you and only you are the one
Who I once had a flame for…But I know…
I’ve lived it before…It’s never easy to get it on…

The truth sometimes is not what your ego needs,
And as for now you and I are far away
in between this distance of pretending bay.

To be or not is not my line,
So I let you go...And let you be...
And let you free...So you can go...

Pretend! Pretend to be whatever
You might feel to fit, be Happy and Therefore
be aware that I did care…

by Blue Angel

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Really like this writing - very good. And thanks for commenting on my 'Tropical Living, ' yes along with the hurricanes off course there is also 'Romance, Adventure, Nature.' lol