Met A Master

Met a Master along my way
Sitting in Samadhi for one full day.
His eyes was shut tight
But he could still see the light.
He levitated into the air
The wind blew his long matted hair.
I stood in awe - at such a sight
Full of wonderment and delight.
As he descended back to the ground
I couldn't help but gather around.
He spoke these words so plain so clear
"Be not afraid, nor have no fear.
The power of God is ever so near.
Be open to love, let love flow through your heart
Come to realize that you and God shall never part.
You are his child he is your father.
Stand as one and you shall never falter.
May the lovely Godly grace
Shine forever on your face."
He stopped talking and gave a sigh
He went back into Samadhi as quick as a wink of an eye.
Met a master along my way
So I made up my mind and decided to stay.
(Definition: Samadhi, the state of oneness with cosmic consciousness.)

by Andre Alvin Moore

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