Poem Hunter
DT (3rd January 1956 / LONDON, UK)


Poem By David Taylor

I had a dream in mind
and the dream said
'Now is the very first time
the unlimited becomes limited'
(and nothing changed)
and the dream said
'Now is the very first time
the unlimited becomes limited'
and the dreamer understood.

Then I awoke
and forgot to remember;
and oh how the flowers bloomed
and the thunder clapped (as it's apt)
in praise of the lightning's flash.
And lava flowed
like earth's blood
and the people cried rivers
which filled the oceans up
and the ships sailed on by
to distant lands of mystery (why?)

My thoughts followed the birds
ascending high
on updrafts of the mind,
until a child sang;
and filled all space
with eternal love
and I knew.
Now is the very first time
the unlimited becomes limited
and nothing changed
(as nothing does) .

Still and silent in the twilight
neither waking or dreaming
with nothing in between;
having spun our cocoons
all aurelian thoughts take flight.
Who is surprised
to find he is
what he has always been

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Your 'aurelian' thoughts take flight But in the Stock Market it's a fright For you see those may be golden thought(s) As traders worry about that which they shouldn't have bought And as the metal descends, Perhaps it'll be as the market ends With much anguish and terror For those who made the fatal error Of buying when they should have sold (Which is the tale of old Where Midas with his golden touch Couldn't live with such.) Sad to say some dreams are just Nightmares coming in a rush. s
Very good imagery well spun...interesting piece. sathya narayana