Metaphor I

Take it for a game, I break all the rules
Or even for a maze, I collapse the walls
Ever be there a blank space, I will writ
Your name from the drips of my heart

As selfish it is, like biting my hand off
You see no blood, it exudes internally off
Fragile hearts, swollen with the passions
Never to share, rather ease the emotions

The odd so blissful and insane falling in
Once down, wrathful and savage turn in
A new mutant foe who truths turn no lie
To spit venom, harsh is this poetry if it lie

Today, Tomorrow as it was yester, it still
Hurts when left unattended to,yet still
No man ever understood it and it's trick
For It brought misery when I sort its peak.

by Wilson Tinotenda Waison

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