MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

! ! Metaphors

Like the unicorn,
they have to need to be;
to hear our need for them to be.

Like time,
they must creep up on the writer,
on the reader,
yet with inevitability
which cannot be escaped.

Like thieves,
they must enter unannounced,
take what they must.

Like mice,
they must take up residence
until there is no longer sustenance for them.

Like bailiffs,
they must demand entrance;
be admitted;
take their just exchange.

Like housekeepers,
they must earn their keep
by keeping us in all we ask of them.

Like lovers,
they must prove themselves
part of our lives
until our earthly sentence ends the dream.

Like children,
they must know their place;
then be loved just for themselves
beyond life itself.

Like life:
revealing its boundlessness
in a landscape that stretches out, is limitless.

Writer - reader -
care for a metaphor as for one you love:
as you love yourself;
they are our life-blood: for they tell of what
can only be said quietly, with a touch of hand,
to those whose heart is listening.

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Michael the comparisons you use for the metaphor are lucid and enlightening and the end few lines of this verse which pay tribute to the metaphor are most appealing. - - - your expressions seem effortless as always and give much to the reader...... thank you and greetings from Fay..