Poem By Richard Anthony Milroy (Sr.)

NAMFONOS was Incorporated in 1974,
to develop Namos by the score,
with eyes, ears, hands, and more,
for all Mortals, rich and poor.

We learned to sit, crawl, and walk,
before we learned to read and talk,
but too soon our bodies begin to balk,
until we will need more than Dr. Salk.

When a chrysalis becomes a butterfly,
metamorphosis is the reason why,
but every Mortal before they die,
can metempsychosize if they try.

Learning to use a namo will be fun,
to think, walk, skip, jump and run,
whether on Moon or Mars in the sun,
after metempsychosis has been done.

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Wholly, Holey, Holy

Miracles are the chaff of Religion and Science, where Causes and Effects have no reliance.
Time is an Illusion of the Mind,
without Memory we can not find.
Gold in the ground is a Physical recovery,