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My Little Girl

You were a little girl playing in my garden swinging high
you dreamt and believed in what you saw
you talked to fairies and had faith in Santa Claus
your laughter filled my house and your presence blessed the world like fragrance of the flowers
I always wanted you to smile and prayed that child in you shall never die, but
you became big enough one day, to think that dreams never come true
you got convinced that world is tough with no fairies or angels around
you laugh when your heart is crying and you pretend to be strong when your soul is dying
my heart bleeds every time you try and fail
my soul breaks every time you cry and think you are alone
i want to shout on top of my voice and let the world know
that you are still my little girl playing in my garden swinging high
and no matter where you go and what you do, I love you and will always do.
don’t worry my child, no matter how tough the time seem, it will be over soon..

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Thank you R.H. Peat for taking the time to read my work. I don't know much about you or your work, but not all poetry is written about being alive or the human condition, and if they all were, then it wouldn't be every exciting to read. The point of this piece it just to try and show the techniques and figures a poet may use to make his work more interesting. Try looking up alliteration, apostrophe, assonance, metaphor, simile, hyperbole consonance, full rhyme, off rhyme, maybe this might help you understand the art of poetry a little better. Sorry you didn't like, but that's OK.
A really dull poem written about itself that really doesn't say much about being alive or the human condition at all. Boring to say the least. a poet friend// RH Peat