(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)


For whatever the reason,
And unlike others who seem to be pleased...
To joke and laugh as time passes,
Some have managed to endure...
Living within an environment,
As if to exist in a barrel full of crabs.
Crabs unhappy unless someone is entrapped.
To keep them from successfully completing tasks.
With hopes to embarrass them as their laughter lasts.

'But how did 'you' manage to escape,
Without a single pinch or a noticeable scratch? '

~I laughed too but refuse to doubt.
I kept my eyes wide open as I maneuvered about.
I winced when pinched and laughed as well.
And when embarrassed by criticsms,
High my head was held.~

'And you were able to achieve success? '

~I wore many labels upon me addressed.
With a doing to show I could care less.~

'The methods you use are unusual.'

~No one with a plan can maneuver in a barrel full of crabs,
Without being methodical, ambitious and highly motivated...
One who shows them they are offended,
Can be a detriment to their survival.
Crabs love to feed on fear and tears.
I've seen too many at the bottom sobbing and weeping.
And on their knees as if to appease a ritual.
Or a custom done by everyone that's anticipated.~

'And you? '

~Consder me crazed. Please.~

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