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'Tis a cursed addiction metromania as I know all too well
I have written reams and reams of rhyme that some call doggerel
The compulsion for to write more it is with me all of the time
I've been penning almost non stop since I've been in my life's prime
'Tis an addiction I could not wish on my worst enemy
This compulsion to keep penning that has got a hold on me
Metromaniacs do not hanker for literary success or yearn for renown
They always go unnoticed whilst out walking in the town
There are people with all sorts of addictions in the World of today
Mine is penning reams of verses something I can't give away
'Tis not something to be proud of to which I can testify
For to kick my awful habit I have never ceased to try
Those who tell you they know of a reformed metromaniac may be telling you a lie
I should know because I am one and I will be till I die.

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