Testing The Water...

The jaguar was laying still
Between two cubs at rest,
The gentle stream produced a chill
By which each one felt blessed...
And yet one cub could not explain
Reflections there below...
Disturbing thoughts had filled her brain,
Who's that! ? She did not know!

Her fearful paw extended close,
The other cub did, too!
Almost as if to touch her nose,
Yet what else could it do?
A wiggle left, a wiggle right,
The other paw gave chase!
That caused each cub to show their fright,
With frowns upon each face!

But then the cub above felt good,
She worked out what she saw...
And when at last she understood,
She lost her fear for sure...
'That's me! ' she thought with wonderment
And all that brought because,
At last she grew to comprehend
How beautiful she was!

Denis Martindale, copyright, April 2015.

Poem based on a magnificent wildlife painting,
by artist Stephen Gayford nb Google-search
gayfordgallery and 'Stephen Gayford poetry'.

by Denis Martindale

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