You Set Me Free

April 8,2008

You set me free from all the pain
Took away all the broken pieces and put me together
You fixed me and made me whole

You set me free from all the troubles
I know you will always be there when I need you
You changed me from the inside to the outside of me

You took my heart and changed the way I see things
Now I don't have to worry about all the pain cause I am protected under your wings
No more tears you wiped all my sorrows away

You set me free from all my burdens
All the burdens along with pain that I've always carried on my back through the years
Took my world and turned it inside out

Because of you I am no longer filled with pain
No more wanting to die
You saved me from harming myself even more

You held me back when I thought I couldn't make it anymore
Helped me even when I didn't want your help
When I blamed you for all my mistakes

You still stuck by me no matter what
I just always found a way to block you out of my mind
Cause I thought I was right

You set me free from Satan
Set me free from all the pain
Took me and turned my life around

You are all I ever wanted
A friend, a father and everything in between
And I always needed that but now I know what I was missing and God now I can count on you for everything cause you set me free


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another beautiful poem! i relate to your poems and i love them