'' It Will Give You A Lovely Glow ''

As from this life I now depart,
I'm hoping for a brand new start,
Will Heaven be a work of art?
I very soon will know.

As for God, well I'll live and let live,
Though he lives the life of a spiv,
His mistakes I will forgive,
I'll maintain the status quo.

I didn't really want to leave,
But for what I'm now about to receive,
There won't be any need to grieve,
They say you reap what you sow.

Now I've arrived at Heavens gate,
I've been told I need to wait,
There seems to be a great debate,
About which direction I will go.

But I know myself I needn't worry,
You're a long time dead so there's no hurry,
It's starting to get a little blurry,
It looks a bit like snow.

When it lands it's like a rash,
With my white shroud there is a clash,
Oh my God I think it's ash,
That thought fills me with woe.

Saint Peter's saying I can't get in,
It's only the righteous we allow within,
I'm afraid your middle name is sin,
So I'm afraid it's cheerio.

Where I am going if that is true,
That decision is not down to you,
Get me God or I will sue,
My ire is starting to grow.

The Lord came out and said goodbye,
No more sympathy you're going to fry,
I'm a busy person so I have to fly,
On you my warmth I will bestow.

He then opened the elevator door,
Pressed the button for lower ground floor,
The fear poured out of my every pore,
My dice has had its last throw.

Satan said you've nothing to fear,
Sinners like you are welcome here,
Although the heat at times does sear,

‘' It Will Give You A Lovely Glow ‘'

by Bri Mar

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The word “Mezzo” means middle and “cammin” is a city in Germany. The time period that the poem was released in 1842, during that time he was in Europe. This poem reflected Longfellow's crisis in his mid-age, were he is facing negatively. The author feels as he has failed in because he has seen no progress in his mid-life. I don’t agree with the poem with what he thinks of himself. Because he was a strong poet, who marked America and showed us how literature should be appreciated.