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Mi Vida

Some people leave an impression
or stick in our mind,
yeaars after you've known them.
There is some I feel
I may remember a long time
from now.

It wsw after all was done,
lookihng for two dear to me,
I found them fondling over
rockets, components, physics;
and it was like new life was
breathed in.
The two of them were quite a pair,
those who I could tell anything
and everything to.
How lucky I was that they found
in me,
someone just as worthy.

Soon my life became engrossed with them,
and they captured my heart;
one became my love,
the other my world.

Nothing could ever compare to my love,
and I don't think anything ever will.
He was he Sun that rose
to greet me,
the light inside my life.
Together we were everything,
and I was strengthened by him.

My world became filled with good times,
sad times,
times of enlightenment,
and plenty of shoulder-to-lean-on
I was happy in his company,
happy that I could
ease some of the pain
etched on this tragically
wonderful boy.

So the months passed,
love and world in-tow,
I couldn't have asked for
a better life.

But one day, things were
put into a new perspective,
the light put out and
my world began to shatter.
It took time to find a way
around the block thaqt
stood in my way.

When the days were too bleak,
and the will to live
seemed to have
faded out, something
My world was back, thought
not whole, as if mirroring me too.
And as I looked at him, I knew
that I had to put my world
back togehter again.
And he had to fix my heart.

The two have switched places,
along the way, but two halves
of myself they still are.
Imagining life without the other,
is like imagining death

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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