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Michae Kelleher's Favorite Topic

Michael Kelleher's favorite topic is always Millstreet
And his first home-place Claraghatlea where the rivers do meet
And the rushy fields in view of old Clara Hill
And the high fields of Claramore the birthplace of the Claramore Rill

Michael Kelleher from Duhallow may live far away
Where some of his boyhood friends are aging today
With them as a teenager he socialized and played Gaelic Football
His younger years he is always happy to recall

He left Claraghatlea for Australia years before his life's prime
In nineteen sixty eight this is going back in time
A grandfather he lives in San Remo Victoria with Rosemary his wife
The big hearted fellow who as ever loves life

His love for the home-place remains ever strong
In the old fields the best of his memories belong
As a boy in the early nineteen sixties with his white headed dog
He often was hunting in Mary O's Bog

In Michael Kelleher what was a huge loss to Ireland is Australia's gain
The accent he brought with him from Duhallow with him does remain
In his dreams the gray fogs on Clara he often does see
And at heart a Claraghatlea fellow he always will be.

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