PS (April,10,1991 / )

Michael Jackson

It was the 25th of June 2009,
Who ever expected your departure?
Why did you have to go?

God has one extraordinary legend in Heaven now,
You'll make the skies musical!

Every day,
People would be listening to your music,
Every day,
Your name was mentioned

People broke you down,
People mistreated you,
People never understood you,
People never were as kind and generous as you were
But people never understood any of your work..

They said way too many stories,
But I knew none of them were true,
Your eyes had the truth all the time,
The innocence in your voice,
Your talent did not harm no one

But the world harmed you,
The world may have killed you,
But now you must know..
Your departure killed many hearts!

I've always been in love with you,
'96 till '09, till I am old and gray,
You are the only king of music in my world,
You were too good to be on this planet,
Now you reached to the place where you belong

May you rest in peace and paradise,
King of pop, King of music,
King of many hearts,
Michael Jackson forevermore!

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