Michel De Nostredame 1503-1566

The Farmers Almanac is where it is all at,
from the stars above, and beyond the French
Riviera, to the lands of Provence,
was once a man named Rue Nostradamus.

His mystical knowledge was a gift from God,
as a young man he had studied from his
Grandfather: Kabbahah, astronomy, prophesies,
and graduated from medical school in 1522.

1546 was the year that the Great Prophet spoke,
who became a visionary while visiting the Pope,
his family stricken by the Plague,
had died while he was in Italy.

The Queen of France named Catherine in 1551,
visited Nostradamus, who visioned the
destiny of her family, and later became
famous with his predictions while meditating.

He was a physician at his best, traveling
through France, he devised a plan to pick
300 roses from the greenest cypress, to make
healing herbs and save his patients’ lives.

by Ray Allan James

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