(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Michelle O

Michelle O...
Radiant and blessed.
Stunning in appearance,
With the glow of loveliness.

Strong and delightful...
A mother and wife,
Exuding intelligence that sparkles...
As if dew lifts with a freshness,
That comes with the dawn of sunlight!

Michelle O...
Representing at her best.
And clearly an asset held,
By her husband Barack.
Witness with approval with few who protest!

And others who are captivated,
By her honesty that leaves...
Impressions felt,
From her expressed directness left!

Michelle O...
Smartly dressed and fashioned for excellence,
Frank and brilliant with charm and charisma matched!
She is no one's eye candy.
Nor is she with wits detached.

A woman of grace,
And there unafraid to say what she means.
Without losing her dignity...
She's upfront with no masqueraded face.
Putting those looking for signs of weakness...
If need be...
In their respectful place!

Michelle O,
Has so much class.
Perhaps surpassing that shown,
By her mate who also radiates...
This sensation in demand.
And arriving at a time much needed.
To feed depleted imaginations.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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she's very stuuuuuuuunnnnnniiiiiggggg. a long legggggggeeeeedddd gift to a man's iiiimmmmaaaaggggiiinaaaation. take care. i sure would like to kiss her thouuuuuughts.