(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Microscopic Vision

It is not what gossipers talk about.
That solicits a malicious viciousness.
Nor are rumored facts.
Heard whispered by a nosey neighbor.
Sitting and leaning back,
In a chair creating scenerios.
While munching on snacks.
Imagining 'vividly' who does who.
Behind closed doors,
In heated sexual acts.
Or how long it takes them to achieve,
A gratifying climax.

Microscopic vision may appease to please,
Scientists seeking proof and evidence.
And not interested in gossip.
Or rumored facts that don't exist.
Without imaginations to permit.
And here we are today relying upon,
A commitment to be maliciously vicious.
With an enjoyed,
Discriminating to incriminated.
Anyone we've been taught of a different race.
Appearing out of place.
And threatens to contaminate.
A kept ignorance we refuse to believe,
Has effected our limited mentalities.
But yet can not accept looking at ourselves.
With a microscopic vision.
That will reveal and uncover,
Who is it that suffers...
From a maintained ignorance.
Blamed on others.
To do as we choose.
From positions we take that advocates,
An insanity we perceive to believe is envied.

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