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Mid Morning Revelations
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Mid Morning Revelations

Poem By Ria Nicholls

it dawned,
the thought did upon me.
the solidarity and the physicality of existence.
we can touch things, feel things.
this is no mere dream.
it is so real that i need to rub my eyes in disbelief,
the people we talk to and the leaves on the ground,
the hair in our face, the planes in the sky.
all of it is real.
and as i passed through the kitchen door,
all of this came rushing to me and i felt scared but okay.
later that same day i was on the phone,
discussing afterlife with a friend.
i noted the finality of our souls leaving us,
we talked about the possibilities of heaven and hell,
the moment when everything turns to nothing.
i felt a sort of retched inevitability churning inside my stomach.
i quickly changed the subject.

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