Midnight At The Crossroads

Poem By Michael Norton

Who do I think I am?
What right to I have to think about what I am thinking about?
I’m I some sort of righteous, all-knowing being who has yet to fail,
Yet to scar myself
Yet to wake up in a cold sweat, knowing that I had dreamed about it again
Yet to watch a movie and be a character I see
Yet to scream at nothing
Of course I am not
I am an unshaven, jeans-wearing, throw back to a time in which I didn’t even live
A hypocritical cynical pessimistic naysayer who could find fault in a beautiful day
I look at things in my life and I belittle them
I am a debaser
I trust almost no one
I believe almost nothing
I turn good things into bad things before the good things have a chance
To turn bad on their own terms
I spew out arguments and counterarguments and countercounterarguments
As if that was my job
I try to be a bohemian
I try to be a beat
I try to be an intellectual
I should try to stop
Stop trying to read the right books
Watch the right films
Listen to the right artist
While I am in the right mood
I should be able to yell certain four letter words in public
I should be able to say what I want to people
I should be able to be gratified when I want
People tell me, things happen for a reason
I’d like to tell them a four letter word
So what
So what if I’m writing this at night
So what if I might not feel this way tomorrow
The next day
Or the day after that
So what if most problems are only in my mind
And almost all of those problems I create
So what if I haven’t seen that movie
So what if I didn’t “understand” that book
If you think this “poem” is about you, it might not be
If you don’t think this “poem” is about you, it probably is

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