Midnight Confessions

Lost and alone the needle takes its toll
Another quick fix, another lost soul
Feeling the rush running thru my vein
As the euphoric feeling hits my brain

Loosing all worries no more cares
Running in slow motion simple blank stares
A power takes over I cannot control
Out in the streets I begin to patrol

Trying to arrange my next little hit
Sinking deeper and deeper into a bottomless pit
Lying, stealing and selling my body to the night
I give up on everything no longer willing to fight

The drug in my brain takes me to the next level
As I begin to bargain my life and make deals with the devil
He stands on the corner most times in the dark
He knows my type I’m and easy mark

For the needle has done its job, in me it’s planted its seed
I’ll promise him anything if he gives me what I need
I followed him into an alley once there I was on my knees
As long as I got my fix he could do with me as he pleased

I’ll see you again bitch; you know where I can be found
He left as quick as he appeared tossing a packet to the ground
Feeling as if I had won a prize no shame in what I had done
I set off into the darkness to finish what I had begun

Once again I placed the needle in my vein it was and easy mark
As I sat there in the corner of my room alone and in the dark
The drug begins its course it’s now my only obsession
This is a brief glimpse into a addicts midnight confession

by Poison 9901

Comments (2)

Very powerful, and sadly true.
Raw and compelling, this 'glimpse' is a vivid portrayal of an addicts lot. 'Another quick fix, another lost soul' - this line is particularly powerful. jz