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Midnight Greyhound
DW ( / Ireland)

Midnight Greyhound

As you lay there, fast asleep alone,
Ive packed my bag and gently kiss your crown,
as you read this who would of known,
that im miles away and your left on your own.

know I tried to be the best that I could,
I tried so hard, my lifes so misunderstood,
if I stayed here, it wouldn't of done any good,
leading seperate lives on this ocean, casting out deadwood.

The misery spread like cancer throughout my viens,
and I couldn't live a lie, not all over again,
as I wait here to board this bus out in the rain,
my love for you has gone, as my heart it unchains.

I shall sit down and think of better times that we had,
please don't begin to cry or get too mad,
just lead your life, find somebody new and be glad,
that am not around singing the same old ballad.

Impossible, yes, you were at times to get through,
I couldn't spend all my days the same with someone like you,
when we didn't talk, touch or smile, I thought you knew,
that this day will arrive and it will end us two.

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