Midnight Laments

My midnight laments willget a hearing
From eons these hopes I am rearing

God will finally listen to my woes
And will guide to right my foes

Love will ultimately nurture to its best
And we the victim's will take a rest

Dark is this night but seeing I am light
Not from my eyes but withhearts sight

the time of parting is tender and hard
Like one gets striked to a hot Iron Rod

I think of Mir and Ghalibs love
began to think they managed it how

Itry my best to ooze out the pain
then think of treading beloveds lane

To speak the right, to speak the pure
Love ache is grave beyond any cure

I rue my heart for realising it late
Now my remedy is only to wait

To wait for the day when God will say
This is your love, the outcome of your pray

by Dr Mohammed Younis Dar

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