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Midnight Manic Madness
NLL (17.05.1981 / The Molten Core)

Midnight Manic Madness

Poem By Not Long Left

through the willing walls,
after hearing your desperate calls,
of hope and desperation,
midnight manic madness,
moonlight misery sadness.
i gave up on god.
your clouded eyes,
peircing in my head,
next door,
alone you cry in your bleak ridden bed.
passing cars, play shadowed movies on
my ceiling,
a momentary escape from the feeling,
of helplessness.
like a banshee you'd wail,
on misty moors,
muddled mind,
manic mind,
your one of a kind,
but many you'll find
just like you.
a child doesnt understand your turmoil,
it has only just risen from the soil.
now as a man,
i have blossomed
and understand why
no cuddle could comfort you,
and why your every day was coulor blue,
it drove us apart,
but you remain in my heart,
and these words are for you,
so you know,
that every day
you tap upon the door of my heart,
and i let you in
and we smile in the silence of the dark-
personal plays of the past.
i love you.

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nice poem not left long