Midnight Rape

I can hear the screams,
The screams of pain it seems...
I walked towards that door
Soft creeks coming from the floor,
I peeked through the crack
Gasped taking one step back.

I stood there in awe
Not understanding what I saw...
I climbed back into bed,
Then my past envaded my head.
Alone, I start to cry
And Im the only one who knows why.

I clench my fists...
I block his kiss...
And I push away his arms.
He says it's fine and it's ok... I bring you no harm.
Those screams I heard were mine!
My God, everything's not fine!

I snap out of it, but he's above me
His breath reaks of sour whiskey...
Held down, I cant free my arms to stop this pain,
Oh God, why is this happening to me again? ! !
I scream but no one hears...
No one knows why I cry these tears...

Badly bruised and very broken, is what I am.
No one could understand... I think they just dont give a damn.
You have NO idea.... I admit I'm in bad shape...
From yet another episode of my midnight rape.

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