Midnight's Eye

Midnight's Eye

My skin is as dark as the sky
On a moonless night
While yours glows like a ghost's.

My hair falls in sable waves
Down the back of my satin blouse
While your curls like a lion's.

My tongue is deep and glottal
With starts and full stops
While yours trips like a light-footed fawn.

And yet as we stand here
Hand in hand gazing out at the land
Which belongs to neither you nor me
We both feel it speaks to us.

Here we will build a new home.
Here we will raise our brood.
Here we will invite friends to stay
And send others on their way.

For here we will create a haven
In which all are welcome to share
In the prosperity that comes
From building from nothing to love.

by Suzanne Hayasaki

Comments (2)

The midnight image of you both was beautifully painted. Well done. Please review my poem 'Ultimate Value'
You are Suzanne an excellent writer.. iip