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Midnight Sea
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Midnight Sea

I want to swim with you at midnight,
In the dark of the salty sea,
I want to love you in the moonlight
It’s time you came to me.

We’ll linger in the surge,
Just off the darkened shore,
And nakedly embrace,
Lost in the ocean’s roar.

Your lips are red and salty
I taste them with a kiss
Your limbs entwine me warmly
In ocean-swaying bliss.

As these waters buoy us
Above the ocean floor,
I pray this moment,
Could last forever more.

Blue eyes catch the moonlight
Golden hair flows upon my chest,
My hands they are about you,
Neck and shoulders, back and breast.

And amid the rising tide,
When waves release a moan,
I tell you of my gift
For you and you alone.

And red lips part in the moonlight
And there is such a sigh,
Making love at midnight,
Amid the waves that pass us by.

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Is that surfside or pumicestone passage? More noise in the former. H