Midnight Shop Windows

Palace corridors in percentage glory
Monetary exhibits inside museum’s story,
Beckons day time in custom spirit to clean
On an astral plane machine
Selling other shops passing dreams.
Vastness surpassed for
Phantom owl
Walking pentagrams
In Satan bowl,
Sell! !
Bermuda triangles
Titanic flying ships
Fractal spatiality
Giving -
Infinite intelligent lips.
Melted sand barrier
oceanic tidal wave carrier,
Silken steel shrine their pillar
as infinite channelling mirror.
Priceless night everywhere
vampire ghosts haunting their,
Tremble on days money.
Remembering plastic wrapping funny.
Moon worshipers in light
political fairies of the night,
smiling proudly in feathered down,
Wearing Harrods star dust gown.
Who will buy thee!
For a token fee
No - one! !
Shop keeper away succubus
Platinum piercing cutlass.
From the universe shop
Sun arrives big top,
So fade to wither your glory
Until tomorrows dark hour story.

by Andrew Nawroski

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