Midnight Visitation

Three o'clock in the morning
And I am wide awake -
Something roused me from my sleep -
The room is all aglow
And over in the corner
A mirage of shimmering light
Heightens my awareness
In the stillness of the night;
And as I lay there watching
The mirage begins to move -
Coming ever closer
Though I am not afraid;
I feel a strange sensation
Of peacefulness and love
This vision has a tenderness
I recognize the scent
Of someone dear I used to know -
She's come to visit me;
Slowly from the shimmering light
A tendril reaches out
And softly brushes o'er my cheek
A fleeting sweet caress
Then slowly disappears;
Was this just a waking dream?
Or was she truly here?
I'd never ever seen a ghost,
And yet I had no fear;
We used to play the ouija board
When she was still alive
She always said she'd let us know
What happens when she died;
If anyone could do just that
I know it would be her -
She was always someone special
Even on the other side!

by Linda Ori

Comments (2)

To be grace dby a presence is to be grace by a love eternal. A marvelous poem of a beautiful and enduring moment. May she always be with you, Linda.
Again, as ever, the effortless flow of this catches the attention. It's positively silky. The loving message carried in the smooth calming rhythm is a very seductive one too. Wouldn't it be reassuring to know that there was life beyond the physical terminus? A very pleasantly haunting tale Linda. xxx jim