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Might That Be All There Is?
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Might That Be All There Is?

I've climbed the tallest mountains near
Braved ocean's coral caves,
Pushed legs (as fast as they go dear!)
And carried friends to graves.

I've ridden horses, hit the deck,
The arc feels long to ground,
A friend fell too and broke her neck,
No solace there I've found!

I jumped once from a perfect plane,
The dumbest thing I've done,
Loved teenaged girl (me 'grown! ' 'full mane! ')
My luck! Another won!

Slept naked under falling stars,
Watched lion stroll through camp,
I've counted satellites of Mars,
In evening's dew and damp!

I've skied on star's reflective ice,
Gleaned knowledge where they fall,
By thirty spanned the whole world twice
Is there a curtain call?

And now, at last, I've found a wife,
(Did she catch me? The quiz?)
We love to laugh at all of life,
Might that be all there is?

Long Tooth
August 15,2018

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Such a wonderful write...10+++