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The agonizing tension mounts
As the torturing trauma surmounts
Your very head placed in a vise
And all senses now pay the price
You can now feel and count each hair on your head
And just rising from your uncomfortable bed
Leaves you with sickening dread
Your ears can not stand a sound
And you swear you can hear cannons hitting the ground
But it's only dust particles collecting in mounds
Magnified 100,000 times
Splitting fissures in your mind
Any light that may appear
Sends the savage to mark his spear
The spear takes flight... hits dead center on
And now your eyes our painfully gone
The spinning you now feel
Is.... very....very.....real
Then the stomach joins in the fun
Now you may have to run
So much pain that your tears make rain
How long will it last...this thing called a migraine

27 Jan 2008

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Hi Joann, i had a migraine only once, you captured it perfectly! Nice write! ! *10*! ! Best regards Friend Thad
JoAnn, I am lucky in that I do not suffer from migraine, but I do know people who do suffer from them and from what they have told me you have described it very well. My heart goes out to all the sufferers of this blinding headaches. Top marks and thanks for sharing this lil sis. David