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Migrant Friendships

Has the bond of friendship in you weakened of friends you used to know
Due to the tyranny of distance and years of absence apart from them you seem to grow
To them you have become a memory of a long gone by gone day
One they used to feel close to but from them now lives far away
You ask any migrant of her or his friends of the long ago
And they very well may tell you time to friendship can become a foe
In almost every absent friendship the strong bond does not last
And does not retain the closeness that glued it in the past
The ties to migrant friendships becomes a flickering flame
When the migrant returns and meets an old friend the closeness not the same
That migrants form new friendships in their adopted land
Is something that is natural and not hard to understand
The past bond of migrant friendships as strong does not remain
This does seem rather natural and should not be hard to explain.

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