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On his nostalgic moments Guiseppe is often close to tears
As he thinks of the past and the long gone years
And the City where he grew from a boy to a man
When he talks of home he always refers to Milan

He remembers with sadness the love of his life
Claudia his dark haired beautiful young wife
Who died in childbirth a long time ago
Going back the years near six decades or so

Balding gray haired in his late seventies his best years long gone
And only the memories in him does live on
Of his happier days in the now distant past
but time does not wait it keeps on ticking fast

He never remarried or became a dad
The happiest memories can often be sad
An ageing migrant to many not known
With only his memories he lives on his own

a likeable person in his own quiet way
Guiseppe does never have that much to say
And perhaps he will never again see Milan
Where from a young boy he grew into a man.

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