(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Mikey’s Funeral #3

We all gathered around his grave
The neighborhood children and me
My husband did not attend
It was his trap that caught Mikey, you see

We each said a special prayer
Asked God Mikey’s soul to please keep
Kleenex tissues were passed around
In case we began to sob or to weep

But of course we will all see mounds
In our yards and gardens and flowers
More moles like Mikey will appear and dirt
Will sprout like seeds from spring showers!

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I'm sorry about Mikey....I hope your husban feels better. My girlfriend who lives in Louisiana was running with her husband's dog and this truck - full of day laborers got distracted by how beautiful my friend was and they managed to avoid hitting her but her husband's dog wasn't too lucky....she was devastated.....before I continue to be derailed: It is sad but a beautiful poem nonetheless.
Hi Marilyn. I, m so sorry I missed the funeral. Regards Dave T.(this one could go on for ever)